Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Spoonful of Sugar

Growing up, Mary Poppins was by far my favorite movie. There was something so fun about this realistic, yet very magical nanny. I adored, and still do, the music and the dancing in the scenes. I loved the idea of being able to clean up a room by simply snapping a finger. It was amazing to imagine clothes and toys dancing merrily back into their properly assigned drawers and boxes. The movie, which derived from the collection of books authored by P.L. Travers, seems to make all of the chores children normally despise doing, rather enjoyable.  Years ago, when I heard the movie was coming to Broadway, I wanted to go. However, raising three young children, working part-time and fulfilling a master's degree have made finding the time to go somewhat of an issue. I was finally able to go this past weekend, thanks to my sister and her fiancé (they just got engaged Friday night). They bought us tickets as a Christmas present this year. Since we received the gift, I have been so excited to see the show and spend the afternoon in the city with my husband. As luck would have it, my husband woke up with strep throat and a 102.6 fever on Sunday morning and was unable to go. I was bummed, although fortunate enough to get my mother to take his place. The show was amazing. I highly recommend seeing it. It was just as magical as the movie and entailed more special effects than any other show I have seen on Broadway. It was fun, and like the TV commercial says, rather than making you feel like you are at a kid's show, the entertainers make you feel like a kid at the show. It was also a great day with my mother. Unfortunately we don't live very close to each other and it turned out to be an unexpected, perfect and rare opportunity to spend some quality time together.


Realistic (adjective) - resembles real life
Magical (adjective) - produced by or as if by magic
Fiancé (noun) - a person engaged to be married
Engaged (adjective) - pledged to be married
Fortunate (adjective) - receiving good from uncertain or unexpected sources; lucky
Chores (noun) - a small or routine task
Bummed (adjective) - disappointed
Rare (adjective) - occurring far apart in time; unusual; uncommon
Entailed (verb) - to cause or involve by necessity or as a consequence

Fill in the Blank
  1. The characters in the painting were _________.
  2. The Disney vacation was _________.
  3. Her __________ proposed to her on bended knee.
  4. The __________ couple celebrated over dinner.
  5. She was _________ it did not rain for her outdoor party.
  6. The children complained about doing ________ around the house.
  7. He was _________ she was not able to attend the party.
  8. Meeting the President was a ______ opportunity.
  9. The job _______ a lot of travelling.
Grammar Point

This blog is written primarily in the past tense. It also involves a magical element. Can you write about your own personal magical story using the past tense?



  1. Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! Mary Poppins was my favorite also. My Uncle Bob bought me the record when I was a little girl and I played it and played it and played it (while I wore the pink clip-on earrings, he also bought me). Thanks for sharing. I have a big smile on my face.

  2. What a great story! I love the movie as well. After reading your review of the show, I may try to get tickets to see it myself. Congratulations to your sister and I hope your husband is feeling much better now and perhaps the both of you can make up for the lost opportunity of having a child-free evening and have a night out to yourselves. Thanks for your story.


  3. I too loved this movie as a child! Wouldn't it be fabulous if we could all snap our fingers to clean a room! It's too bad your husband was sick, but as you said it ended up being the perfect opportunity to spend time with your mom.