Monday, May 9, 2011

Things We Don’t Want to See on Facebook

According to, there are currently over 500 million active facebook users and 50% of those people log onto the site every day. The average user has about 130 friends and people spend an average of 700 billion minutes on the site every month, according to the site’s press page. Wow. Those are some very big numbers. Although I was not one of the first people to join the ever so popular site, I ultimately joined when I learned that some of my old friends from Spain were members. I was excited to reconnect with them. Facebook allows people to really stay connected in the face of the fast paced, busy world we live in, where it is easy to lose touch with people. Unlike many, who seem somewhat addicted to it, I am not on the site every day; I check it out every few days. In many ways, it seems as though it has taken over some people’s lives. And, despite all the hype about being careful on the Internet these days, it appears that many people feel safe enough to expose the intimate details of their daily lives. There are certain pieces of information that just don’t need to be made public. I have compiled a list of some of the common items and things people do not need to share with the rest of the world. See if you agree and if there are any you can add!

  • Depression: Life is hard enough for everyone. I’m sorry you are not thrilled with life right now, but please don’t bring me down with you!

  • How wonderful your significant other or children are: While I think it’s ok to mention something kind about these important people in your life, once in awhile, I don’t need to read it every time I pull up my facebook page. I mean really, are all of these people that perfect?

  • Couple fights: People are at their worst when they are fighting. Why do you have to give 500 people (literally) tickets for a front row seat at your verbal boxing match? What happens between you and your significant other should stay between you and them.

  • Farmville, Mafia Wars and Pokes: What is that? Do people really have that much time on their hands that they have nothing better to do than annoy friends by filling up their inboxes with these weird games? And why is it so hard to just send a message that says hello to the person rather than sending them an absurd message that tells them they’ve been poked?

  • Tagging people in a horrible picture: Why would you post a bad picture of someone and let the whole world see it? Well, I guess it can be funny to onlookers, but it’s embarrassing when you see people making fools of themselves in pictures. Posting it for the whole world to see is just mean.  

  • Status updates that provide information on where you are every moment of the day: You are probably not a celebrity and we are not the paparazzi, so why do we care where you are?

  • Annoying people from the past friend you: While it’s nice to reconnect with people, there are others you no longer know because it’s better that way. So why would you want to be their friend on facebook? Some things are better left in the past.

  • People leaving obscene status updates for you: Don’t leave your computer screen logged onto facebook so co-workers or significant others can post some embarrassing updates about you. I don’t mind reading them because they are usually funny, but you might not think it’s so hilarious.


Currently (adverb) – at the present time

Popular (adjective) – regarded with favor, approval or affection

Reconnect (verb) – to become connected, joined or united

Addicted (verb) – to cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on

Hype (noun) exaggerated publicity; hoopla

Intimate (adjective) – associated in close personal relations

Absurd (adjective) – utterly or obviously senseless, illogical or untrue; contrary to all reasonor common sense

Hilarious (adjective) – arousing great merriment; extremely funny

Fill in the Blank

  1. We are ______in the month of May.
  2. Justin Beber is ________ among young girls.
  3. She went to the reunion to _______with old friends.
  4. He is _______ to his new video game.
  5. The movie did not live up to all of the _______.
  6. We did not need to know all of the _______details of the couple’s argument.
  7. The assignment for the class was completely _________ and pointless.
  8. The show made us laugh all night because it was __________.

Grammar Point
I have used a variety of sentence types in this blog. Write a paragraph about an activity that you like using at least two simple sentences, two compound sentences, two complex sentences and one compound complex sentence?

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  1. Great entry, Colleen. Many good points. I am on Facebook, and we have just put up a page for TESOL students and alum to keep in touch and share job info. But I am not fond of Facebook. It's too much for me.