Monday, April 25, 2011

Weddings Galore

Fun! That’s what this wedding video looks like, and that’s what weddings are supposed to be. This coming September my husband and I will be married ten years. I can’t believe it has been that long already. Although we didn’t dance down the aisle, we still had a great deal of fun. We were the first of all of our friends and cousins to walk down the aisle. However, a few years later we were inundated with weddings. Then, there was a long break without any weddings, maybe one here or there, but very few overall. Now, for whatever reason, we seem to be overloaded with them again. We have one wedding next weekend, two in June, one in September, one in November and one in December. Adding to the chaos of all of the weddings and the bridal showers that go along with them, is the commitments that come along with being a part of the bridal party. This year, I am a bridal party member for two of the upcoming weddings. My little sister is getting married in December and my entire family is included in the bridal party. I love weddings. I enjoy seeing people happy and being part of such a memorable moment in a person’s life. This coming weekend, my cousin is marrying a man from China. During the wedding, my husband and I will be participating in a tea ceremony. My sister is having a New York City wedding at a venue that used to be a bank. She will have a photo booth and rather than being driven by a limo throughout the day, she will be riding in a vintage New York taxi cab. Another wedding we are attending in June will be a vineyard wedding. It’s amazing how many options people have when planning a wedding. There is so much planning that goes into the one day event and stress levels run high. I always try to tell my friends that inevitably something will not go according to your plans on that day, and that’s ok. You just have to sit back and enjoy the entire day no matter what, because all that really matters is that you are still going to be married to the love of your life at the end of the day. These days, with the popularity of reality television, weddings seem to provide a good source of entertainment. There are currently 18 TV shows pertaining to weddings. Some of the most well known shows include, Say Yes to the Dress, Bridezillas and My Big Redneck Wedding. In addition to the television shows, there are also tons of wedding bloopers on the Internet. I personally have two favorites. I feel terrible for the brides in these clips, however what happens to them is so unbelieveable, I just had to share.
The first one:
The second one:

For a complete list of wedding shows, check out:

Aisle (noun) - a walkway between a section of seats
Inundated (verb) - to overwhelm
Commitments (noun) - a pledge or promise, an obligation
Chaos (noun) - a state of utter confusion or disorder
Memorable (adjective) - noteable, worth remembering
Vintage (adjective) - representing the high quality of a past time
Inevitably (adjective) - unable to be avoided, evaded or escaped
Fill in the Blank
1. The movie theatre has a long dark _________.
2. The actress was _______ with fan mail after the movie premier.
3. She was unable to make the party because she had too many _________.
4. In the middle of all the ________, and loud noise he did not hear his phone ring.
5. My wedding was a very _______ day.
6. He enjoys fixing _____ cars.
7. She will ________ see him at the meeting.
Grammar Point
I have used quite a few adjectives in my blog. Write about a memorable experience you have had, using as many adjectives as you can.


  1. I'm in the same situation you're in with weddings! My boyfriend and I had one in March, one this past Saturday, one in June, a Florida destination wedding in July, one in February and one next May! Last year was the same thing. All of my boyfriend's friends are all getting married or have recently gotten engaged. Tis the season!

  2. I too am in the same situation. I was married ten years ago too, and went to a number of weddings at that time. Now this summer I have four weddings. I'm not in any of the wedding parties, so at least that's one less thing!

  3. Few days back attended my friend’s wedding at event space San Francisco. The couples were looking very cute and lovely. Just loved this bridal dress along with the bouquet. Everything was amazing there and everyone enjoyed it.